Time flies.  Capture it.

So you are thinking of booking a photo shoot for your family? Wonderful!

I know that you will have done some research. You will be looking for a photographer you can trust and who will capture your family beautifully.

Every photographer has a different approach to creating and presenting your images. One of the key benefits of my approach is that it is centred, quite simply, around you and your family.

I am based in Dunedin and work with discerning families who want something special rather than just ordinary.

My families want natural images with true personality and family connection bursting right out of them. My families want to look at their finished images and say, ‘Yes, these just sum us up perfectly!’

just the way you are

Very often mum is the one always behind the camera but photos of you for your children to treasure are precious keepsakes.

I will help you show your best side because I know you want your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, to be saying 'wow, look at mum' when they are looking at your beautiful photographs in ten years, or more, time.

with the whole family

Pets are part of the family too. I love to include photos of your family pet if possible.

Who said never work with children or animals? I embrace both!

make your heart sing

My families love photography. They want to display their images in stylish, contemporary ways that enhance their homes and make their hearts sing every time they set eyes on them.


Does this sound like you?

I know you will have a lot of questions. You will want to make an informed decision about who will photograph your family and rightly so. 

Please get in touch.

We have only this moment 
sparkling like a star
in our hand and
melting like a snowflake.