hi, my name is Edith

always: flowers on the kitchen windowsill

can't live without: Earl Grey & Rooibos tea

current obsessions: houseplants & notebooks

hangouts: the mountains, the beach or the couch with a cuddly blanket & a good book

can't get enough of: photographing kids & dogs

moments I love best: when somebody tells me that is the best picture of themselves they've ever seen

my favourite place

Aramoana Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand

my photography style

Think natural,


colour (or lack of, aka black & white),



and place.

These are things I want in my photographs, no matter whether I'm photographing a family, a dog, a headshot or a wedding.

I would sooner photograph your kid having a tantrum then wearing a cheesy smile!

Honestly! (at least tantrums show emotion)

I want you to be you, and your kids to be them, not the Pinterest perfect version of your family.

If you are wearing a long, floaty dress I will love you.

But, seriously, if you are wearing jeans and gumboots I will love you just as much!

Is this your style too? Take a look at my portfolio and picture yourself there!

Looking at these pics makes my heart melt.

Natalie Scott (mother of two)

Do you love the idea of natural, authentic, lifestyle photographs?

I'd love to talk with you.

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