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hi, my name is Edith

Edith Leigh Dunedin photographer.jpg

always: flowers on the kitchen windowsill

can't live without: Earl Grey & Rooibos tea

current obsessions: houseplants & notebooks

hangouts: the mountains, the beach or the couch with a cuddly blanket & a good book

can't get enough of: photographing kids & dogs

moments I love best: when somebody tells me that is the best picture of themselves they've ever seen

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I'm an adventure-loving, book-obsessed, IVF mum to a 10-year-old who is the queen of negotiations and insists on 21 kisses at bedtime, and fur parent to a crazy, teenaged goof called Bear. 

I love adventures like camping with the family, testing my (not very big) mountain bike limits with the girls and going internet-free in the mountains. My kindle is stuffed with self-growth books and I drink way too much tea on a daily basis.

When I'm not behind the camera you'll likely find me out on Dunedin's Signal Hill or on the couch with my yellow snuggly blankie and a pile of books beside me.

I hate pens that write fat and cheesy photos with an equal passion.


You agree with Michael J Fox (although you might not be old enough to remember who he is) that 'family is not an important thing, it is everything'!

You can feel how slippery time is and how quickly your kids are growing up and you know you want to somehow capture what you have now.


But those traditional, posed pictures are bit naf for your taste.


If you're looking for family pictures that are looser, more carefree and full of life, movement and connection then we should definitely talk.


I can help you get those natural pictures and what's more, together we'll turn them into framed art works that are perfect for you home.


Edith produced the most breathtaking photos of our family!

The session was so easy and such a breeze - even our four-year-old loved it.

Our two huskies were included in the session too. She has the patience of a saint and can truly do it all.

Vicky Nelson

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what style of photography are you looking for?


If you're looking for natural, contemporary family portraits then this is for you.


Do you want a photoshoot with your four-legged, tail-wagging, best mate?


Do you need some updated, contemporary shots of you? 

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