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capture your best friend

awesome photography for Dunedin dog lovers

Hey there tail wagger, 

If you're looking for dog pictures that are so awesome you'll be swooning every time you look at them, you've totally come to the right place!

From one doggo to another, the view from the floor is going to be so much better after my #hooman not only shoots amazing pictures of you, but helps your best friend get that baby printed and up on the wall (the bigger the better I say!).

So who am I?

I'm Bear (ahem, that good-looking dude above) and you should probably know that I'm the boss of dog photography (and pretty much everything else) around here.

because I'm not sure a bum sniff is appropriate just yet!

Edith Leigh dog photographer.jpg


(roll over for a tummy rub)

I've given this girl (otherwise known as Edith) ninja dog photographer training.

I mean, I can't sit still for a second, I always pretend I don't understand that 'stay' word and I think it's hilarious to lick the camera lens when she's trying to get the perfect shot!

So if you're not the most well-behaved or best-trained dog in Dunedin don't worry! My girl can handle it.

portrait perfection

Dunedin dog portraits-6.jpg
Dunedin dog portraits-8.jpg

I don't get to come and direct your shoot (apparently I'm too distracting) which is a bit of a bummer because they're so much fun.

Maybe it's a good thing, however, as I do get a bit embarrassed watching her act like a crazy lady just to get you looking down the camera with your cutest face!


I tell you, she'll try anything when it comes to getting the perfect shot. Her screechy cat noises crack me up, but when she brings out the chicken bites, I'm all ears!

Once your done with all that melt-your-heart portrait stuff it's time to run around and play.

all the action

Dunedin dog portraits-9.jpg
dunedin dog action portrait.jpg

If you're a poser you'll love the portraits, but my favourite part is most definitely the action shots.

I esepecially love the hero shot - you know that one where you're frozen mid-air, ears flying, pretending your Super Dog to the rescue! 

I gotta warn you, she'll probably make you run back and forth, back and forth, but hey, that's what we dogs are good at right!

bring your #hooman

Dunedin dog portraits-2.jpg
dunedin dog photo-2.jpg

I know, you probably like to have ALL the attention.

But those two-legged friends are likely coughing up the dough for this shoot, so you can bring them along too!

I've trained my girl really well when it comes to reading doggy body language so you get photos where you both look comfortable.

She gets it - not all dogs like cuddles. She's actually pretty good at giving your human some great direction for natural interactions. Because you don't want to end up with that awkward shot where she's looking all smiley and cuddly and you've got the big leaning away, give me some space pose happening.

take pride of place

Lounge with framed dog print.jpg

Now, I know this modelling gig is hard work and you're so ready to collapse in the nearest patch of sun for a long afternoon nap, but sorry! The job is only half done!

It's kinda like learning to play fetch. You're only playing half the game if you chase the ball but then don't bother to bring it back.

There's only one place your pictures belong (hint: it's not inside a computer). They need to be up on the wall where you can admire them every day (not to mention all the exclamations and conversation starters they'll cause with visitors).


If your human is anywhere near as busy as mine then chances are they'll never get around to this bit. That's why my girl does it all for you.

Imagine that - delivered to your door, ready to hang on the wall. She deserves a few extra treats for that I reckon!

what's the cost?

Now, I gotta say, this is one area me and my hooman don't agree!

I keep telling her we need to get paid in bones, but she says print labs and framers don't like being paid in bones (I bet they prefer catfood) so here's the low down.

Dog portrait Dunedin.jpg

session fee | weekends | $150

session fee | weekdays | $100

*Your session fee does not include any prints, products or digital files. These are purchased separately at your viewing and ordering session.

Dunedin dog portraits-1.jpg

only buy what you LOVE

If you don't LOVE your images my girl will not only refund your session fee no questions asked - she will give you back double what you paid.

Yes double! (that's how important it is to her that you love your images)

*applies if you don't like your images enough to purchase even one print.

Please get in touch to get a copy of our 2020 price guide (zero catfood required!)

Dunedin dog photo.jpg
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