new year. new online you

level up your online appearance with a professional headshot


If I'd never met you and I went looking at your online profile - think LinkedIn, your email avatar and your social media profile pictures what would I find - and more importantly - what would I think?

Are you using a selfie?

Are you using an unsuitable picture, such as one taken on holiday, because it's the only picture of you that you actually like?

Are you using a picture that's more than three years old?

Are you not even using a picture of you (because you're making do with  your logo or other object)?

If you answered yes to any of these then it's time to stop looking like an amateur

Dunedin school photography

Edith really got to know each team member during our photoshoot and made them feel relaxed and comfortabe in front of the camera.

The final images were ready so quickly, and wow, the results were so natural looking!

Our team absolutely loved their headshots even going so far as to using them in their own professional platforms.

Edel Lougheed-Deane, Eagle Protect

every child is unique

so why not let their personality shine


I love how all children are different and unique.

Some are bright and bubbly. Others can't stand still for a second. Many stare quietly at you, trying to suss you out before they'll engage with you. And some are super shy, clinging to their teacher's hand for reassurance.

These are all the things I love to capture!


I give each child the time and space to be themselves in front of my camera rather than trying to force the smile (because I hate cheesey smiles - they give me that same feeling you get when you stand on a piece of lego!).

Many parents tell me they loved the pictures because "you really captured his personality and character". Bingo!

My husband and I were totally blown away by the photos!

Edith really captured so many aspects of her character. They are just gorgeous.

Elona  Buckingham

authentic | artistic | fun

what makes my style of school photography different?

  • Children are photographed on a classic black background for a timeless look and feel (plus it looks amazing when you put it in a frame).

  • Every picture has an artistic feel with all the focus on your child's face and their expression.

  • The experience for each child is all about encouraging them to be themselves to capture natural and authentic expressions unique to them.

  • All images have a choice of colour or black and white so you can choose what suits your home or mix them up to create a stunning display.

  • Super-easy viewing and ordering all done via a slick online gallery.

We were extremely happy and suprised that you got some photos of our boy without him pulling a silly face or refusing to smile as that is what we always get!

Nick Roach


How do I book?

All you need to do for now is put your name on the list.

Then you'll be the first to find out when dates for 'School Photo' days are announced next year.

The email will include a link that will take you directly to a booking page.

Bookings will be opened to those people on the list first, before they are advertised anywhere else.

What ages do you photograph?

All ages!

I love photographing all children from babies through to teenagers.

Younger children can sit on your knee (you won't be in the shot) whereas with lots of older children I'll probably ask you to wait outside as they're much more likely to open up to the camera when you're not there (sad but true)!

How much will the photos cost?

As this will be a 'School Photo' day that means school photography prices!

All prints and digital files will be offered at exactly the same price that they are for schools and preschools.

This means you can get gorgeous, professional portraits of your child at a highly affordable cost!

What about siblings?

Siblings are welcome!

If you have more than one child you are welcome to bring them all and I will shoot sibling photos as well as individual portraits of each child.

Where will the photo days be held?

I haven't finalised a venue yet, but I will be looking for somewhere that is clean and bright with easy parking.

a little about me

I am a family photographer based in Dunedin and shoot in a style that is very natural and unposed.

I hate cheesy photos! So I'm excited to bring this fresh and authentic way of capturing children to school photography in Dunedin.

School photography hasn't changed since I was a kid (my own school photos are cute but lacking personality!). I see no reason why we can't up the standard to create images parents will love.

When I'm not taking photographs I drink way too much tea, can never put a good book down and love long walks on the beach with my family including my 9-year-old daughter and our goofy dog Bear.

join the list

be the first to know when 2021 dates are announched!

  • I will only email a few times each year when I announce dates for 'School Photo' days.

  • Bookings will be opened to those on the list first - before they are shared on social media