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school photos

love your photos? here's how to make the most of them

Have your school photos captured the essence of your child or children?

Do you love the range of expressions, those eyelashes or that quirky smile?

This guide is designed to help you make the most of your pictures so they don't get lost still sitting in the envelope on the sideboard or, worse, inside that laptop that died halfway through last year!

what size photo should I print?

Photos sizes are traditionally given in inches which makes it tricky for us kiwis to visualise exactly how big they are!

Here's a quick guide for choosing the right size. 

4x6 prints 

  • the perfect size for a small photo frame that will sit on a sideboard, shelf, bedside table etc

  • a handy gift size for grandparents who have lots of grandchildren (they only have so much space to display ALL of them)

  • a good size if you're getting creative with a pin board or other display

5x7 prints 

  • choose this size if you want a bigger frame on the sideboard - the final size will depend if you choose a frame with or without a mat

  • look fabulous on the wall if you group them together for more impact

  • a handy gift size for grandparents who have a few grandchildren

8x10 prints 

  • a nice size for hanging on the wall, especially if you choose a frame that has a mat

  • group framed prints together to create a wow display on a bigger wall

  • a special gift for grandparents, especially if you put it into a nice frame for them.

how to display your photos for maximum impact!

If you hang a single small print on the wall by itself it's going to look a bit sad and lonely.


The best way to create a gorgeous display is to group frames together on the wall. 


Here's a bunch of tips to help you create a display that will make your heart sing and visitors exclaim in wonder and envy. 

Size Guide for school photography.jpg

how big is your wall?

  • This is the first question you want to ask yourself. Decide where you want to display your photos and then choose your prints.

  • A small wall will only need small groups of two, three or four images.

  • A big wall, such as a hallway or above the couch, is going to need a lot more to fill the space.

Four 5x7 with mats.jpg

go for symmetry & repeating shapes 

  • choose your prints in all the same size and put them all into the same frame.

  • works exceptionally well for groups of two, three and four


mix it up

  • create an art look and feel by mixing and matching your prints and frames

  • choose a variety of different size prints

  • add in a mix of colour and black & white images

  • have a range of different frames, including some with and some without mats

best buy: Expression Pack

best buy: Art Pack

A great choice if you have pictures with a range of expressions (for individuals or siblings)

how to make the most of digitals

If you like getting creative or you're super-organised when it comes to ordering your own prints regularly then you'll want to have your digital files.

If you decide to order your digitals here's some inspiration on what to do with them.

create an album project

  • Add in pictures of your child's drawings, school work, and sports teams etc, and even some text or quotes to create a real story.

  • Have a few pages for each year and then print the album at the end of their primary school years to have a visual diary of how much they change each year.

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