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family, pet & portrait photography in Dunedin

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Totally natural family photos all about the fun, laughter and love!

Your gorgeous images up on the wall to be enjoyed every, single, day!

A family photoshoot that is super-relaxed and fun. Yes fun! (I promise)

Are you a Dunedin dog lover who is looking for seriously awesome portraits of your four-legged bestie?

Then, first up you need to meet Bear because he's the boss of dog photography (and pretty much everything else) around here!

Let your true self shine with natural, candid, relaxed images!

Use images that reflect your style, brand and personality.

Visually tell your story across your website, social media & in print.

great pictures of you!

are you uncomfortable around a camera?


Do you love having your photo taken?

Thought not!

If you feel super-awkward or stiff in front of the camera then I can help you. 

I'm here to hold your hand every step of the way.

From the best tips to prepare beforehand through to all the direction you need to create those gorgeous, totally natural-looking shots (yes, natural, really) you're going to love this experience.

Oh and did I mention it will be fun? 

Yup. People always tells me at the end of their shoot they never expected to actually enjoy the experience!

Every time I look at this it brings tears of love and happiness to my eyes.

I love it! It's so beautiful (and I never say that about pics of myself).

Thank you so much.

Raewyn Subritzky-Nafatali

who am I?
meet the girl (mum, dog-lover, adventurer) behind the lens

Hey there, I'm Edith.

Tea-drinker. Book-devourer. Nature-embracer. Light-lover.

Photographer of families, pets & people in Dunedin.


I'm kinda the quiet, introverted type, that is until I'm trying to get the best photo ever . . .

Then I might surprise you with my hidden superpowers to get kids on-side and begging for more photos, to out-bark your dog (anything for a head tilt) or to help you ree...lll...aaaax in front of the camera!

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