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Newborn photography session with a camera-shy dog

Meet Sookie - the camera-shy dog!

I was sooooo excited to have a newborn photography session with an older 'sibling' included - aka the dog 🐕 (the dog is always a couple's first child isn't it 😂)!

But every time I put the camera up to take a photo, she ran to hide behind the couch!

Mum and dad with newborn baby and dog's paw

I have to confess I'd never experienced this before so I was feeling a little stumped 🤔

We tried a few more times, but no joy.

Sookie really did not like the camera.

I'm a big advocate of never forcing anything during a photoshoot so I just left her and carried on with my usual flow.

We got some cute photos of dad snuggling his delicious newborn.

Dad kissing the top of his newborn baby's head

Then it was mums turn for cuddles and kisses with some beautiful interactions.

It's always great to get some detail shots and I especially love images that show that amazing bond and connection between mum and her baby.

Mum and her newborn baby looking at each other

We took some pictures of mum, dad and baby together.

But I really wanted to get the whole family (including the dog) together . . .

Mum and dad looking down at their baby on the floor

So I decided to try a different tack.

This time I set everybody up on the couch, put my long lens on and then went way back into the hallway where I was partially hidden and photographed from there.

I was far away enough that Sookie wasn't too bothered. It gave her time to get used to the noise of the camera and to see that nothing was going to happen to her when I put the camera up to my face.

Mum, dad and baby sitting on the couch with dog next to them.

I actually love this shot.

It has real intimacy to it.

Like you're peeking into the room and seeing a special moment.

But, I wanted to get closer, so I switched to a shorter lens and slowly came a little closer.

Now I was physically close enough to give Sookie a little treat every time I took a picture.

Dogs are fast learners and she quickly began to associate that click with something yummy!

I could see her relaxing until eventually she stopped reacting every time I lifted my camera.

Now, and only now, was I able to get the actual shots I wanted.

Patience (and treats) won the day!

Mum, dad, baby and dog lying on the floor together.

Dog's face looking into camera with mum and baby cuddling on the floor behind.

Dog's paw in it's owner's hand

When this little bubba grows up, a lot of his childhood memories are going to include Sookie.

How much will this picture mean to him?

I believe it will be priceless.

Framed picture of family with newborn and dog hung above a sideboard.

So if you've been wondering if you can include your oldest furbaby in your newborn photos?

The answer is absolutely!

Especially if you're having your newborn session at home.

Because like most small kids (or all of us really), home is where they tend to be most relaxed.



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