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Family photoshoot with dogs

Give me a family with one full-of-fun, adventurous two-year-old and two much-loved, boisterous huskies and I'll show you my ultimate dream family photoshoot!

Mum cuddling with baby and shoulder ride with dad for the toddler

All the husky love!

Huskies are known for being free-spirited, good-natured and affectionate which along with their super-fluffy good looks makes them irresistible!

Goofy Loki was howling with excitement, while cuddle-loving Bella was happy to snuggle up with her youngest pack member. Check out the adorable matching husky hood I found from the all NZ-based and made Wolf and the Wildling.

I could have spent a whole day just photographing these these three, but we didn't want to leave out the rest of the family!

Mum cuddles rock!

Is there anything that can melt your heart faster than a little boy giving his mum all the cuddles!

Oh, what would I give to go back in time and have just one day all over again with my two-year-old.

Printed and framed picture of an extended family group hung on the wall

Game on with dad!

Upside down, tickle games, squishy hugs and throwing rocks (forget about stones) is always the best.

For rough and tumble, playful dads this is their chance to shine (oh, and realise that having a family photoshoot is actually kinda fun)!

Never forget where it all started

Love came first!

Finally create the magic

The final (most important) ingredient for the magic formula - get those images printed, framed and up on the wall.

Because then you're going to see them every day (and you're going to get so many comments from visitors about how amazing they look).



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