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Would your school families prefer genuine, contemporary portraits when it comes to school photography?


If you are ready for something different from the traditional cheesy school photos we have become so used to, with bright flashes and unflattering backgrounds, then your families will love the difference of Fine Art School Portraits.

My goal is to capture the essence of each child to create images that are authentic and artistic.

I want your families to purchase their images because they love them, not because they feel like they should (and I also donate a percentage of the profits back to the school)!

My husband and I were totally blown away by the photos! You really captured so many aspects of her character. They are just gorgeous.

Elona (school mum)


what is Fine Art School Photography?

Fine Art School Photography is all about capturing the essence of each child to create natural, timeless images your families will love.

No forced smiles. No awkward poses or faces. Just the authentic child on the day.

Click here if you would like to see what a school session looks like.

Unlike large corporate photography operations I only take on a few, select schools and early childhood centres so that I can give personal service and create artistic images.

I am happy to work with schools to provide a custom service that fits your unique needs.

are these images expensive?

I offer competitive rates. Nothing is due upfront and all profits are made from odering.


I offer a good range of collections and a-la-carte products to fit everybody's needs and budgets.  

Take a look at the parent information sheet which includes all the price information (*please note prices are subject to change).

what will you give our school?

Your school will receive 10% of the profits from all sales. The school will also get a printed copy of each class photo and a digital image of each child for school use.

It's my way of saying thank you for choosing me for your school photography. I'm a local and I love to support children and Dunedin families. What better way to do so than to give back to our awesome schools!

will we have to do anything?

My goal is to make the whole experience as easy and simple as possible for your school. I know how busy all your staff are and that you want to disrupt the school day as little as possible.

I will come to your school 3-4 weeks before shoot day to find the best location to use. My preference is to use natural light where possible and I will ideally be looking for a room with a large window.

All communication to go to parents and caregivers before and after the shoot will be created by me. All you will have to do is send it to your email list.

On the shoot day itself I bring all my own gear. I bring either my own helper or am happy to work with a school parent in exchange for free photos of their child. 

Ordering and proofing is done via an online gallery. Any questions or issues will be handled directly by me. Prints will be delivered to the school individually packaged ready for parents to collect.

what time of year do you do Fine Art school shoots?

I can do your school photography during any term that works best for your school programme.

Please be in touch to organise a date as early as possible as I do only work with a small, select group of schools to be able to provide the best possible service and experience that I can.

are siblings welcome?

Yes, I love to shoot sibling shots for siblings who are not at the same school.

I work with the school on the best way to manage sibling shots, but these are usually done in the morning before school starts.


a little about me

I am a family photographer based in Dunedin and shoot in a style that is very natural and unposed.

I hate cheesy photos! So I'm excited to bring this fresh and authentic way of capturing children to school photography in Dunedin.

School photography hasn't changed since I was a kid (my own school photos still make me cringe!). But I see no reason why we can't up the standard to create images parents will love.

When I'm not taking photographs I drink way too much tea, can never put a good book down and love long walks on the beach with my family including my 9-year-old daughter and our goofy dog Bear.

If you would like to find out more about offering Fine Art School Portraits at your school please get in touch. I would love to come and have a coffee and a chat with you.

Even if you already have your school photographer booked for this year I would still love to talk to you with a view towards next year.

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