auto to manual in 1 day

unlock the true potential of your camera 


is this you?

You have a good camera but you're struggling with the settings & still using it on auto mode?

You're frustrated because you feel like you get better pictures on your i-phone?

You'd love to ditch auto for good & start shooting in manual to unlock your camera's true potential!

I really enjoyed your workshop!

I was blaming my phone for not taking good photos and getting blurry or pixilated photos, but now I have an understanding of what settings I need to use.

I can't wait to take better photos.

Jan (participant on the 'take awesome phone photos of your kids' workshop)

take creative control

discover the freedom of being off auto

Learn how to use your camera and start thinking like a photographer.

So many people buy an expensive camera, struggle to get off auto and go back to using their phone!


You might have even watched a few tutorials but your head is spinning at the thought of f-stops, ISO, depth-of-field and what exactly they all are and how they fit together.

This workshop is going to help you discover the freedom of being off auto.

You'll learn the foundations you need to get started. Because you know how that salesperson told you this camera would do everything for you to get great shots. Umm, yeah, well, nah!


It's time to take control of your camera rather than your camera controlling you.

what you'll learn

the exposure triangle

How many photos have you taken that turn out too dark or too bright?

That means you haven't got your exposure right.

You're going to learn all about:

  • what exposure even is

  • how to get creative by using apeture

  • how to have fun with shutter speeds

  • what your ISO is and why it matters

let's get in focus

Have you felt the frustration of getting an awesome shot but it's just a little bit blurry?

That means you haven't got your focus right.

You're going to learn how to:

  • get super-sharp pictures

  • get your subject in focus & your background blurry

  • get a moving subject in focus

  • what focus modes are & which one to use when

nail your white balance

White what?

Have you ever wondered why your pictures taken indoors often turn out very yellow or orange?

That's your white balance.

Your going to learn:

  • why white balance is important

  • how to use it to get nice skin tones

  • should you shoot in jpeg or RAW?

This was a great workshop. It exceeded my expectations and I learned a lot.

I had no idea of all the features available on my phone. Edith gave lots of tips, tricks and good advice.

Would totally recommend to others! 

Thank you.

Lisa (participant on a 'take awesome phone photos of your kids' workshop)

what's included

workshop date: Saturday 8 August, 10am - 4pm

  • Day-long workshop with a mix of theory and hands-on practice

  • Learn the foundations to start a life-long journey and love of photography

  • Scrumptious lunch, yummy afternoon tea and tea & coffee

  • Limited numbers to allow for individual attention

  • All you need to bring is your camera and an enthusiasm to learn

  • Suitable for participants with any digital camera with a capability of shooting in manual mode

    (please email to check first if you are unsure)

your teacher

hi, I'm Edith, a professional photographer in Dunedin

That buzz when you get just one totally awesome shot first gripped me about 20 years ago.

I've been addicted to that thrill of nailing the shot ever since. So much so, I eventually went on to start my own photography business, which pretty much means I get paid to do what I love every day!

After many, many requests from friends over the years I've finally put together a workshop to help inspire my passion for photography in others. Because once you have a handle on those settings you will experience the freedom of being off auto!

When I'm not taking pictures, I love pancakes on Sunday mornings, starting a new book, and long walks on the beach with the dog, my family (and my camera).

start the journey now

ditch auto & start shooting in manual to take creative control

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