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5 ways to show your personality in branding photos

The one thing that makes your biz unique is YOU!

So you don't want online images of you that are boring and generic. And you certainly don't want images that look like stock photos.

You want images that show off your personality, your style and your character. Whether you are fun and outgoing or a peaceful soul who loves to meditate and read - whatever it is you need to let those qualities shine.

Great personal branding portraits aren't just a picture of you, they tell a story of who you are, what you do and where and how you do it.

A creative entrepreneur shows his personality at his desk in the Petridish shared office space in Dunedin
The coffee, the big laugh, the office plants, the socks! Everything about this personal branding image shows personality & gives potential clients something they can connect with.

You are how to make your small business stand out

In 2020 you are your brand. If you let your own personality infuse everything in your business you are going to create something unique that nobody else can replicate.

People don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people they know, like and trust.

If the images you use online showcase your personality, your story and who you are, they will go a long way to building that know, like and trust factor.

When you’re ready to move a step beyond a professional headshot, personal branding photography is a great way to create a collection of images to use everywhere in your biz.

Here’s five ways to really show your personality in your branding photos.


1. Be authentic

Before you can show off your personality you need to define it. Personal brand photography is all about showing your personality.

Are you laidback and casual? Are you full of fun and energy? Are you romantic, spiritual, helpful, adventurous, professional, quirky?

Write down three words you want your images to convey and make sure your photographer knows them.

A woman stand with her massage chair in front of an artwork to incorporate a story into a personal brand image.
Friendly, approachable, creative are three personality traits that immediately jump to mind when looking at this personal brand image.

2. Show behind the scenes

How do you do your work? What is your creative process?

People love to see behind the scenes - it gives them a little peek into your world, a side of you that they might not normally get to see.

Behind the scenes images can include a wide range of settings. You might be working in your office or curled up on the couch - or even your bed - with your laptop.

Maybe you do your best thinking while walking the dog. Maybe you have a favourite cafe you like to work in or meet clients.

With good organisation your shoot could incorporate different locations.

An author looks out the window for inspiration while writing in a personal branding image.
Give your audience a glimpse of you working behind the scenes - these kind of images attract our curiosity and good styling helps add to the story of who you are.

3. Make use of props

Props are great to use in personal branding. Not only do they help to tell your story, but they give you something to do which helps you relax in your photos.

Props can be super-simple stuff you use every day such as your laptop, phone or handbag. Or they can be items that you love and express who you are - a favourite coffee cup, a journal or flowers.

If you use certain items in your work, such as a yoga mat, a camera or a sewing machine then incorporate these into your images.

4. Choose a location that represent you

Think about what you want your images to convey and choose a location that helps convey that idea.

For example, if you're a busy professional you might like to shoot in a more urban location to create an on-the-go, energised feel to your images. Conversely if you help people improve their health and lifestyle an outdoor, natural setting can give those feelings of time, healing and feeling good.

A man stands on the Otago Harbour in Dunedin.
This image has a feeling of strength, solidarity and being grounded, helped by both the pose and the outdoor setting.

5. Show your hobbies and interests

Give your audience some insight into your life - especially if they will identify with it and it will help them connect with you.

Are you a dog or a cat person? Is your downtime spent hanging with the family?

Do you have other creative outlets? Do you love long, lonely walks, running or mountain biking?

You can include these activities as part of your shoot to create some fun images.

A woman kissing her cat during a personal brand photoshoot
Including pets as part of your personal brand shoot is a great way to tell a little more about yourself - after all, what cat person could resist this image?

Ready to level up your online appearance?

Would you like to find out more about booking in your own headshot or personal branding portrait session?

I would love to chat with you and hear more about your business or where your career is headed. You can schedule 15 minutes in my calendar right here.

Talk soon! Edith



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