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photography for down-to-earth, adventurous Dunedin families

choose emotion

choose to remember what having kids FELT like

If you're worried about your kids standing still and doing what they're told, please don't! 


The last thing I want is to make you do those naff, traditional poses that feel so stiff and awkward. 

Real life is full of movement, emotion, colour, connection and place! So that's what we're going to create together.

A family shoot with me involves as many hugs, kisses, giggles and squeezes as you can handle. 

If your kids squeal with delight when you throw them up in the air or the idea of using your bed as trampoline would totally light their eyes up - then we are going to get along just fine :-)

Every day I walk past your beautiful pictures in the hallway and look at them.

I love how they remind me of that special time when my boy was just six years old.

Rachel Foster

three easy steps

to create and savour your own family magic

step one

make sure that
natural, contemporary images
are right for you

step two

learn more
about what to expect
with a photoshoot

Edith Leigh - dunedin family photography

step three

let me personally

answer all your questions

my totally

outrageous guarantee

because this is how much I want you to LOVE your family photographs!


I'm confident you will love your images. But in the (highly) unlikely event you don't like them I will not only refund your session fee, I'll give you back double what you paid! No questions asked.

Yes double! It really is that important to me.

find out more

why a natural, fun, relaxed family photoshoot is perfect for you

Children photography Dunedin-10.jpg

How to plan for your photoshoot, enjoy the experience and then put your images on display in your home.

I'm sure you have lots of questions!

I'll try to answer as many of them as I can here.

Images left on a computer are eventually hardly looked at and maybe even lost!

Get heirloom quality artworks up on your wall.

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