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designed for busy families


Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief as you waved goodbye to the last sticky, teary-eyed, cake-filled child at the end of a birthday party only to suddenly realise you were so busy lighting candles you forgot to take pictures?

Life can be a bit like that too. You forget to stop and savour all those love-filled, silly, emotional moments, then next thing you turn around and it's not toddlers, but the 21st party!

I am a mum. I work. I know just how busy life is. That's why I created a customised photography service just for busy families like yours!

But not just any old photography service.

The thought of a traditional, boring family picture up on the wall isn't really you.

But something natural, a little wild and fun - think wind-blown hair, hilltops and sunflare beaches - now you have the perfect spot for that picture!

If you're looking for a family photographer who is not just going to shoot those images with all the feels but get them printed, framed and up on the wall to enjoy every day then you're totally in the right place!

Edith was so easy to work with.


She was incredibly lovely towards my family and made us feel totally at ease.


Emma Dobson, mother of 4

The next step if for me to learn more about YOU!

I want to hear all about your family and what you might be looking for in a photographer.

If you've had any ideas about where you'd like to have your session (I have plenty of ideas for you as well) I'd love to hear them.